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NITECH 'PR' Icepick.......He is my all time favorite hound. I have seen few hounds that I thought was his equal. For the most part he was a joy to hunt, but on bad nights when coon did not move, he would test you. He left on the run and you did not catch him until he got treed. Time and distance meant nothing to him. He was the most independent dog that I ever owned. He loved to get by himself and tree. Everyone of his pups that I kept would split tree and hold pressure. He was special.

'PR' Little Joe......I co-owned this dog with Rodney Van Horn. Rodney took him home when he was about five months of age. I remember rodney calling me, well before Joe was a year old, and telling me that this dog was a natural. A few years later I was needing a dog to hunt so I went and picked him up. I took him a couple of weeks to take up with me and then he just turned it on. Joe had alot of talent and he loved to split tree just like his sire. I had Joe looking really good and I was looking forward to putting him in some hunts in the spring. Joe got hit by a car, though he survived, he was never quite the same. He disappeared in March of 2006 while I was hunting him by himself. If he had'nt got hit by that car I feel that he could have been special just like his sire.

This is 'PR' Dark Shadow J.J. and my former partner Marty Moore. This was one good female. She had on problem in that she would not hunt by herself. I just thought that was strange because she sure did'nt need any help getting a coon treed. She was also a good mother and reproducer. She died before her time at seven years of age.

This is 'PR' Ice Buster and Marty Moore. This dog was off of Icepick and J.J. He was a natural from the beginning. he had it all! He got killed crossing the highway after a coon. He was the real deal. I have uttered the words "what if" alot of times since his death.

Davidson's Little Bell was by GRNITECH Rock-N-Roll Rowdy and GRNITECH Thurber's Blue Bell. She was all coondog. Bell's only weakness was her soft mouth. Shown in the picture is Mark Thompson. Sadly she was another hound that died before her time.

This is 'PR' Dark Shadow Kate and Richardson's Little Sissy. Kate was a half sister to Icepick and was every bit as good. It was impossible to hunt them together. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I wished that I would have done more with her. Sissy was my first coondog. She still is the best tree dog that I have ever owned. Her biggest problem is that she couldn't stay treed under pressure. Her sire and dam (Davidson's Little Bell) were pressure tree dogs. She will always have a special place in my heart.

This is Darrell Brown with GRNITECH Iceman and Chad Richardson with NITECH 'PR' Icepick. This was at autumns oaks in 1999.

I lost Emma last fall due to complications of giving birth. Not only did I lose her, but I was unable to save her pups. Emma was the last dog that I had that was off of IcePick. Needless to say, it took the wind out of my sails for awhile. Emma will be greatly missed!

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