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This is GRNITECH Dark Shadow Joe with Emmett Dalton. I have heard Darrell Brown say more than once that Joe was one of Emmett's favorite dogs. The reason being was that Joe did have a reverse gear. Joe is mostly known for siring the 1992 UKC World Champion GRNITECH Cowles' Big River Jesse.

Emmett Dalton and Darrell Brown with a younger GRNITECH Iceman. These two men are just like famlily to me. I have been on some memorable hunts with all three of them. I guess i hunted with Iceman about 25 times and only once did he fail to tree a coon. He was one of the most impressive coondogs that i have ever hunted with. Although I didn't own a hair on the dog I loved him just the same.

This is Bill Lennings and Paul Gibson with 1998 ACHA World Champion GRNITECH 'PR Dancing Judy. I never did hunt with Judy, but I had always heard good things about her. Bill and Paul on the other hand, are two of the nicest people that you would ever want to meet.

This is Eugene Boyd and GRNITECH Boyd's Little Joe. What could I say that has not already been said about either one. Eugene was kind enough to give me this picture a few years ago.

This is Irvin Sutton with GRNITECH Dark Shadow Bobbie and Emmett Dalton/Bill Rosenbaum with GRNITECH Little Swanging Tapp at the finals of the 1991 UKC World Hunt. Bobbie and Tapp were the first littermates to ever place in the top ten. These two hounds are legends.

GR NITE CH WILLIAMS BLUE GOOSE............She was raised here in Glasgow, Ky by Steve Williams. She was a work in progress until Doug Browning started hunting her. Doug made her a coondog by hunting the hair off of her. Goose was a hard, wide hunter that was tireless. She would wear out most dogs on a hunt. Steve Bull hanlded Goose in the hunts and he did the majority of the winning with her. Goose was owned by Lee Wilder during the latter part of her life. Goose was bred to only two english dogs in her lifetime; GR NITE CH Boyd's Little Joe and GR NITE CH Hayes' Hardtime Speck. Goose's offspring made alot of noise and did her grandpups and so on. It is a crime that this dog is not in the Hall of Fame. She is still very well thought of around here.

WILDER'S LITTLE GOOSE.......She was one of the best reproducing females to ever breathe air. She was by Gr Nite Ch Boyd's Little Joe and Gr Nite Ch Williams Blue Goose. There were several good dogs from this litter but she is the most well known. Goose was owned by Emmett Dalton and, for many years, was the cornerstone of his breeding program. She was on the very first reproducer's list that UKC came out with. If you look at the pedigree's of these hounds you will find Little Goose more than once.

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