Split Tree Kennel - Females


Carrie's Pedigree

                                                                             GR NITE CH LITTLE SWANGING TAPP
                                                                                     GR NITE CH ICEMAN
                                                                                                      WILDERS LITTLE GOOSE
                                                                       'PR' HILLBILLY ICE SLIDER
                                                                                                      CH GR NITE CH 'PR' GAMBLE'S HILLBILLY MIKE
                                                                                     'PR' MOORE'S HILLBILLY BLUE LADY
                                                                                                      DUAL GR CH 'PR' McBRIDE'S HILLBILLY SUE
                                                                                                     GR NITE CH 'PR' FAYARD'S LEMON
                                                                                     CH 'PR' SKELTON CREEK SMOKEY
                                                                                                     'PR' ROBERT'S BLACKEYED PEA
                                                                       NITE CH 'PR' 3MCS RUTHY
                                                                                                    SANDY RIVER SPECK
                                                                                    NITE CH 'PR' SMITH SALLY
                                                                                                     'PR' SANDY RIVER SUGAR

I have never been one to go and blow about my dogs like some others do. Frankly, I don't see the point. I am very picky about dogs, but especially my females. They must be able to tree coons consistently or they don't make it into my breeding program. That is as plain as I know how to say it.

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